The Most Shocking Promposal Ever!

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Los Angeles, CA. April 13, 2015 – It’s that time of year again, when high school boys muster up the courage to ask their dream date to Prom for a night filled with trepidation and excitement. Yes, millions of boys across the country will find themselves in a super awkward situation, standing alone helplessly, while an older gentleman fumbles around their crotch area, trying to quickly measure their inseam for what can only be explained as a very embarrassing and nightmarish experience that many seasoned men refer to as tux rental hell.

Enter SimpleTux, an online tuxedo rental company, and its 2015 West Coast Prom Tour, where a team of reps comes to your school with a mobile 3D body scanner that uses Microsoft’s non-invasive Kinect technology to collect all the necessary measurements in under 30 seconds without laying a hand on you. Did I mention they come to your school? It’s the first tux rental company to fully revolutionize the entire user experience, from the way measurements are taken to the way the tux is delivered to your door a full 5 days before your event. This ensures a quality fit and a professionally styled tuxedo in 30 minutes whereas the traditional method takes north of 3 hours (a minimum of 3 trips to the shop). Mind officially blown.

The 2015 West Coast Prom Tour runs from April 13th through May 30th and will visit a select number of its 150 partnering high schools along the west coast (schedule to be released shortly). Equipped with velvet ropes, a lounge area and an on site stylist, SimpleTux is revamping the entire rental experience from A-Z. With complete rental packages starting at $105, free delivery, complimentary concierge and a “cash for schools” program, this is truly a win-win for everyone involved.


SimpleTux consists of three friends from middle school and a burnt out tech entrepreneur turned carpenter. Our story is not like that of your typical startup. They are all in our mid-30s, mostly married, half with families. Yet, they decided to take up the challenge of updating a very dated industry because they felt like it needed to be done. Since its 2013 inception SimpleTux has continued to deliver on its promise to save customers time and money while looking good and feeling great.

Hear more about our story by tuning in to Co-Founder, Chris Sheng, on Business Rockstars today – Monday, April 13, 2015 at 10:15AM PST

For additional information on SimpleTux, please visit the Company’s website at or to view a quick video on how we partner with high schools, click here.

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Prom 2015 Is Here!

Prom: noun – A formal dance, especially one held by a high school or college class at the end of an academic year.

Tuxedo: noun – A man’s jacket for semiformal evening dress, traditionally of black or dark-blue color and characteristically having satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels.

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It’s time for prom and you’ve been tasked with renting the perfect tuxedo to compliment your date.  Seems simple enough.  How hard could it be?  Well, there’s good news and bad news.

There’s actually a lot to consider when picking out the perfect tuxedo to compliment your date.  Renting a tuxedo is easy.  Renting the perfect tuxedo is a little harder.  It means knowing the answers to questions most prom-age guys don’t ask.

Prom just isn’t a dance.  It’s an important rite-of-passage for young men and women.  It’s a memorable life event that will likely stay with you your whole life.

Men’s Prom attire is mostly divided in to three parts, the hairstyle, suit and the shoes. So we need to have a good balance of these three things to make the perfect style statement.

There are three main types of tuxedos you can have:

Classic Fit Tuxedo : It is designated for the most traditional of the three fits. It is the most popular and fit all the size ranges.

Modern Fit Tuxedo: It is an updated fit that is designed to look and feel more trim than the classic tuxedo.

Slim Fit Tuxedo: It indicates a fit that is even more trim than the modern fit garments. these may not be available in the plus sizes as they are mostly designed for slim people.

Again, renting a tuxedo is easy. Especially if you go to SimpleTux! There really is nothing simpler, go online, submit you measurements, have a tuxedo sent straight to your door, if there are any issues we overnight the item to you (free of charge), and then after you’re event, return it in a prepaid mail back envelope.

Dwyane Wade is pretty awesome.

We know Dwyane Wade best as an incredibly talented basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat. But, what he just did did makes him way cooler than we thought he already was.

Dwyane took it upon himself to hook up 15 Florida foster kids from the Guardian ad Litem (a florida foster program from abused, neglected, and abandoned children) with new gear for prom.

Dwyane partnered with Hublot Watches to give the high school kids custom tailored suits and flashy watches. Wade stressed the importance of looking professional. He is also providing the services of his personal stylist and tailor for prom night as a reward for focusing on their academics.

It’s great for celebrities and talented people in the spotlight to give back to those in need and who strive for better lives. Dwyane Wade showed this by helping out these kids get a jumpstart on their new outlook on life. Sure he have them $10,000 outfits, but its not about how much money it costs or where you got it from, it matters how you present yourself.

It is important to praise those who are doing well academically and show them they are doing a good job, and to keep it up. Dwyane Wade honestly cares about those who are in need because he was one of them. He strives everyday to become a better persons, and with a role model like that, you can do anything! #boss


Top 10 Trends you NEED to be wearing this Spring 2015

Now is a great time to start building your new season wardrobe, given that you’ll find many of these trends’ key pieces, such as anything khaki, cotton ties, chelsea boots, army style watches, or anything caramel. The light neutral colors such as caramel, khaki, sandstone, and nude are described by pantone as: “Rugged and woodsy, Sandstone is a complex neutral that has a warming presence. Earthy and real, Sandstone provides us with a return to nature and what is beautiful, simple and memorable.”


If you’re only breaking out your khaki suit for summer weddings, you’re doing it wrong. With a dress shirt and a tie, it’s a perfect fit for the office, too. Khaki suits also work weekends. Khaki is neutral, so it can handle any color, and as long as the suit you buy is tailored impeccable, it’s almost impossible to mess up the look. Timeless and versatile, khaki is an organic shade that speaks to authenticity and all that is natural. Pictures from



Regular business neck ties are no longer in. time to move on to the next rend, which is more casual, soft, and statement style ties. And it means that when you do choose to embellish your neck with a dangling piece of fabric, you can do it with whatever color and pattern you please. It’s a new era of ties: comfortable, stylish, and expressive.



Caramel is a rich and expensive looking color. Therefore, why not incorporate it in your daily style?! From leather coats to styled suits, this color can really go with anything. It also comes off as a calm, neutral, great color for spring.



Today’s jean geniuses have figured out authentic-looking ways to treat denim so it’s broken-in and faded the day you buy it. Washed out jeans are also light in weight, and the denim has been broken down till it’s soft.  As a result easygoing summer jeans are here.



We saw flight jackets take off last season, but your options were basically limited to black, gray, or green nylon. Now you can get them in full-grain leather or suede. military-tested, streetwear-approved bomber jackets will get you sartorially airborne. When you buy one make sure to have it loose on top and tight around the elastic waist, to show off your toned and muscular bodies!



This season it is about looking for a watch with a sturdy casing, an army-green nylon strap, and big numbers that make the dial easy to read in the heat of combat. Olive green straps are a weathered canvas look, the dials have been given a matte varnish to create a time-worn feel and the stainless steel case has been brushed. This is the brand new watch that looks like it was passed down through generations.



You can spin the color wheel as many times as you like, but you’ll never do better than these three combinations: blue with brown, khaki with white, and black with white. No matter how dressy or casual you go, they’ll be there for you. Buy them. Mix them. Match them. And never stress over them again.


Whether they’re black leather, brown leather, or chocolate suede, your Chelsea boots should always have three things: elastic panels, sturdy heels, and—once you start wearing them, anyway—a few good scuff marks.



And the key is to pretend it’s for convenience—and not a style move at all.Sport a tank top for the sun and tie something with sleeves around your waist for when things cool off—or be prepared to have dinner with your parents.



Thank countless generations of lumberjacks and mountain men for infusing the lowly undershirt known as the Henley with so much rugged manliness. It’s now at the point where the very sight of an unbuttoned placket is enough to make women heat up. All you have to do is have decent arm muscles and undo a few buttons.



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Top 5 classic Prom Themes

As prom is creeping up quickly behind us, it’s time to look at the top 5 most common prom themes.

Taken from About, they give us some of the most popular themes they have seen throughout prom history.

1) Under The Sea :

On a dancefloor filled with sparkling “oceans,” colorful fish, and other intricate underwater wonders, you might mistake your prom dress for a mermaid fin and start going by alter-ego Ariel.


2) Walk of Fame :

Debuting your gorgeous dress on a red carpet will make you feel like an A-list celebrity. Cover the floor with “walk of fame” stars featuring the names of the senior class. A red carpet will complete this Hollywood-inspired prom theme.


3) A Starry Night :

The classic romance of a celestial theme is a perennial prom favorite. Though this is an easy prom theme to pull off – simply decorate with loads of metallic stars and strands of twinkly lights – this romantic theme packs a glamorous punch. Are you sick of your date’s dance moves? Just wish upon a star.


4) Hawaiian Luau :

What prom outfit wouldn’t be improved with a bright, frilly lei? Add “palm trees” and tropical flower arrangements, then ask the DJ toss on a few luau-worthy tracks – so much fun to dance to in your prom night finery.


5) An Evening in Paris:

The City of Love is always popular for romantic prom themes. A faux Eiffel Tower might sound like quite an endeavor, but the effect is well worth it. Grab a few talented art student to paint the landmark, then finish off with scenic “trees” and romantic park benches.


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Happy prom season!

Hollywood’s Biggest Night in Quick Review!

The ladies undoubtedly have more creative freedom when it comes to rocking the red carpet, but this year’s Academy Awards featured some standout looks for the leading men. At an event like the Oscars, we pretty much know everybody is going to wear a tuxedo on the red carpet. That strict dress code puts a lot of men in your classic black notch lapel number. That’s not a bad thing (as long as it fits properly), but at last night’s Academy Awards plenty of guys went with shawl collar jackets. As a fitting ode to old school Hollywood, if you’re looking for an alternative tuxedo, the shawl collar is your celebrity-endorsed move.

However, if last night’s red carpet told us anything, it’s that the man brooch is officially a thing. Leading men like Jared Leto, Common, and Clint Eastwood added interest, and a little sparkle, to their lapels with everything from corsage riffs to jewels.

Overall, the men brought their A game on the red carpet, looking dapper in their sleek suits, ties and perfectly manicured hair and beards.From Jared Leto‘s swoon-worthy custom baby blue Givenchy ensemble to Benedict Cumberbatch‘s dapper white suit, we were drooling over the incredibly good looking men at the Sunday’s 87th Annual Academy Awards!


Photos from:

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Your Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spurns all sorts of different reactions from females, and a lot of it depends on whether or not we’re single. Riding solo sucks, and not just because you don’t get a free dinner and chocolate. It’s a huge reminder that we’re still without a plus one. And the “fireworks in their eyes” couples smooching in corner booths everywhere aren’t helping. Valentine’s Day can actually be fun and something to look forward to, and it’s a friendly reminder that we’re not alone. Don’t be deceived by women who say they hate the day. Sure, it’s been blown out of proportion with all the card companies and heart-shaped chocolate boxes and that one movie with Ashton Kutcher, but there’s no woman on Earth who doesn’t like to be doted on.valentine-hearts-13

According to Men’s Health, here are 14 tips on how to impress your Valentine:

1.  Plan the Evening: Take some time to really think about what your date likes—and dislikes. Even if she drinks beer, dinner at the local sports bar probably isn’t quite the romantic scene she’s expecting. Whatever your plans, just remember to be punctual.

2. Get cleaned up: Show up with a greasy mane and at best, you can expect a handshake at the end of the date. Be sure you wash your hair to rid of product buildup and moisturize your scalp for flake-free style.

3. Shave

4. Ban Blemishes: To ensure you’re acne-free on Valentine’s Day, apply a solution containing a small amount of salicylic acid before your moisturizer. It’ll keep your pores clear without over-drying your skin.

5. Pucker up: Prep your puckers if you want more than a peck on the cheek. Not only are dry lips painful for you, but they’re just as terrible to look at for her.

6. Style your hair: tame fly aways with mousse or gel to show you care how your mane looks

7. Deodorize: don’t forget to apply deodorant!!! Don’t sweat it, you will do great!

8. Get rid of the dryness: no one likes ashy skin, so make sure to use a moisturizing cream to hydrate your skin.

9. Update your underwear: Never be caught in less-than-stellar underwear.

10. Keep it Sporty: Dark jeans and a white T-shirt are no brainers if you’re taking your date to a ball game, but you’ll stick out in a dining room. Upgrade your look to evening-appropriate attire with a sport coat

11. Button up: Wear a nice button up to show your classy and stylish

12. Stay light on your toes: wear comfortable shoes to ensure you are able to sweep her off her feet

13. Stick to the basics: leave you light washed denim at home and get a darker pair, it shows you are aware this is for your girl, not to watch the game.

14. Put a tie on it: show your date that you took the time and effort to pay attention to the details

Good luck to all, and have a great Valentines day. When in doubt, buy chocolate, lots of chocolate.

BEST OF Super Bowl XLIX!!

malcolm-smith-INT-sb49Super Bowl XLIX will be remembered for its exciting, crazy ending, the kind of final scene that would have a Hollywood scriptwriter saying, “Nah, nobody would ever believe that.”

Thanks to Malcolm Butler’s game-clinching interception, the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl under Bill Belichick, concluding one of the most exciting title games ever.

Patriots corner back Malcolm Smith, who made the game-saving interception states: “I made a play to help my team win. I’ve worked so hard in practice and I just wanted to play so bad and help my team out. I got out there and did exactly what I needed to do to help my team win. I was fired up ready. I was ready to play. … I was on the sidelines waiting to get in and I was ready. I prepared hard this weekend. …I knew they were going to throw it,” Butler said when asked about the Seahawks’ decision to not give the ball to Marshawn Lynch late in the game. “Our defensive coordinator is real smart and with a goal line, three-cornerback formation we knew they were going to throw the ball” (CBS

Tom Brady lifted the New England Patriots to a fourth title. By piloting the Patriots through a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit, Brady cemented his legacy and position in the debate of the game’s best quarterbacks. Here are five reasons why Brady stands atop the NFL’s quarterback mountain, but in the end it was Brady leading the Patriots to a 28-24 heart-pounding win and an undrafted rookie defensive back making an astonishing play to seal the win.

Sunday’s nail-biting game was the most-watched show in U.S. television history, according to the latest Nielsen data. The New England Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks was also the highest-rated Super Bowl in the last 30 seasons. The game brought in 114.4 million viewers, and Katy Perry’s halftime show was also the most-watched performance in recorded Super Bowl history, averaging 118.5 million viewers.


Men’s Fashion Week: An Overview 2015

They say Paris fashion week comes last on the European fashion calendar because it is the best. Fashion week shows us what we should be wearing in the upcoming year, and how to wear the certain clothes.Whether it be in Paris, London, or Milan,  this year we saw mostly dark suits, in different shapes, sizes, and textures. If anything is clear from Paris fashion week, it is that suits and trousers are loosening up now, though no dominant shape has yet emerged leaving editors and fans to sort through a mishmash of cuts and styles.

The tailoring is sharp indeed, with slim fit lines and a nod to many “vintage” cuts. Dolce&Gabbana sent suits out on the runway reminiscent of the dawn of the brand’s menswear in the nineties while Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Lauren showed skinny tailoring that could have been cut by the master himself. Miuccia Prada also revisited a very Prada-esque aesthetic with her menswear, steering clear of Hawaiian prints or gimmicky accessories.
The colour palette ranged from traditional autumnal hues like burgundy and green to cool winter white and the ever so chic camel, which just exacerbated the elegance and volume of the outerwear. Blues were the accent colours of this traditional palette with grey and black dominating the catwalks.

Overall, the highlights of the collections were aplenty and the fashion strong, defined and often very wearable.

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The Best of the Detroit Car Show 2015

Since 1907, over a century ago, with the exception of the World War II years, Detroit has hosted an auto show: the Detroit Auto Show. The vision and fortitude of the 1989 organizing committee, that made the show international rather than regional, as well as the efforts of Detroit area auto dealers who’ve since served on the organizing committee, the North American International Auto Show has continued to grow and has earned a top spot among auto shows around the world.

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show brought the year’s first glimpse at what our automotive future-near and far-holds.

Some of the most impressive and favored cars of the show were:

Ford GT 2016

The carbon-fiber-bodied, 600-horsepower Ford GT is basically engineered for high-speed chases down coastal highways, and showing the world you are superior to them because of the crown you have, called the Ford GT. Ford plans to introduce 12 new performance vehicles by 2020. Two others that debuted in Detroit include the F-150 Raptor and Shelby GT350R.


Acura NSX

This car has a  hybrid powertrain that pairs a twin-turbocharged V-6 with three electric motors, allowing computers to do all the technology things that are needed to maintain traction and thrust. Acura will begin taking orders for the limited-production hybrid super car this summer. It will reportedly have a starting price in the mid-$150,000 range.


Mercedes-Benz F 05 Concept

The self- driving car which is also known as the ‘luxury in motion’ project, made its premiere at the Detroit Auto Show, where it showcased how the future of the automobile is shifting towards becoming a private retreating space. It is a car focusing on the progression from self-propelled to the self-reliant vehicle, the luxury sedan concept is electrically driven using a system similar to the F-cell plug-in hybrid used in the 2011 ‘F 125′ research car.


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