Prom 2015 Is Here!

Prom: noun – A formal dance, especially one held by a high school or college class at the end of an academic year.

Tuxedo: noun – A man’s jacket for semiformal evening dress, traditionally of black or dark-blue color and characteristically having satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels.

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It’s time for prom and you’ve been tasked with renting the perfect tuxedo to compliment your date.  Seems simple enough.  How hard could it be?  Well, there’s good news and bad news.

There’s actually a lot to consider when picking out the perfect tuxedo to compliment your date.  Renting a tuxedo is easy.  Renting the perfect tuxedo is a little harder.  It means knowing the answers to questions most prom-age guys don’t ask.

Prom just isn’t a dance.  It’s an important rite-of-passage for young men and women.  It’s a memorable life event that will likely stay with you your whole life.

Men’s Prom attire is mostly divided in to three parts, the hairstyle, suit and the shoes. So we need to have a good balance of these three things to make the perfect style statement.

There are three main types of tuxedos you can have:

Classic Fit Tuxedo : It is designated for the most traditional of the three fits. It is the most popular and fit all the size ranges.

Modern Fit Tuxedo: It is an updated fit that is designed to look and feel more trim than the classic tuxedo.

Slim Fit Tuxedo: It indicates a fit that is even more trim than the modern fit garments. these may not be available in the plus sizes as they are mostly designed for slim people.

Again, renting a tuxedo is easy. Especially if you go to SimpleTux! There really is nothing simpler, go online, submit you measurements, have a tuxedo sent straight to your door, if there are any issues we overnight the item to you (free of charge), and then after you’re event, return it in a prepaid mail back envelope.