Hollywood’s Biggest Night in Quick Review!

The ladies undoubtedly have more creative freedom when it comes to rocking the red carpet, but this year’s Academy Awards featured some standout looks for the leading men. At an event like the Oscars, we pretty much know everybody is going to wear a tuxedo on the red carpet. That strict dress code puts a lot of men in your classic black notch lapel number. That’s not a bad thing (as long as it fits properly), but at last night’s Academy Awards plenty of guys went with shawl collar jackets. As a fitting ode to old school Hollywood, if you’re looking for an alternative tuxedo, the shawl collar is your celebrity-endorsed move.

However, if last night’s red carpet told us anything, it’s that the man brooch is officially a thing. Leading men like Jared Leto, Common, and Clint Eastwood added interest, and a little sparkle, to their lapels with everything from corsage riffs to jewels.

Overall, the men brought their A game on the red carpet, looking dapper in their sleek suits, ties and perfectly manicured hair and beards.From Jared Leto‘s swoon-worthy custom baby blue Givenchy ensemble to Benedict Cumberbatch‘s dapper white suit, we were drooling over the incredibly good looking men at the Sunday’s 87th Annual Academy Awards!


Photos from: GQ.com

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Fall/Winter Style inspired by Classic Hollywood

It was in the 1930s and 1940s that the icons of the movie industry reached a kind of perfection, not only as talented and as pure actors but, no less importantly to their legacy, how charismatic and cool they were. We like to think of our best movie stars walking the red carpets in sunny Los Angeles, decked out year-round in tuxedos. Through movies and through real life, celebrities play an important part in influencing the changing trends. On occasion a very unruly trend can also be born out of TV and the big screen; such trends may not necessarily be new creations but can also be old trends getting renewed. Therefore, turning to classic Hollywood stars for stylish advice is the perfect way to get that look you want during this holiday season.

Here are some perfect examples of that classic hollywood style we can incorporate into today’s fashion!

Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando showed that there is proof that cozy can be a fashion statement but also double as being a bad ass! The best-known Brando looks are remembered by his crewneck shirts and muscle shirts.

Burt Lancaster

Burt Lancaster. Lancaster showed us that the classic grey athletic sweatshirt is equal parts casual and elegant.

James Dean

James Dean. Dean of course is famous for his bad boy style, like Marlon Brando, of a white shirt and jeans. Showing and example of how jeans, a white shirt, and some chucks will always be in style!

Cary Grant

Cary Grant. Car Grant showed us why the classic tennis sweater has endured for so long, and why it remains an essential item in any fall or winter wardrobe. It’s stylish, warm, and sensible!

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen was seen a lot in chunky cable-knit sweaters, showing its versatility, masculinity, and comfort for the colder seasons.


Photos taken from Esquire.com