Dwyane Wade is pretty awesome.

We know Dwyane Wade best as an incredibly talented basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat. But, what he just did did makes him way cooler than we thought he already was.

Dwyane took it upon himself to hook up 15 Florida foster kids from the Guardian ad Litem (a florida foster program from abused, neglected, and abandoned children) with new gear for prom.

Dwyane partnered with Hublot Watches to give the high school kids custom tailored suits and flashy watches. Wade stressed the importance of looking professional. He is also providing the services of his personal stylist and tailor for prom night as a reward for focusing on their academics.

It’s great for celebrities and talented people in the spotlight to give back to those in need and who strive for better lives. Dwyane Wade showed this by helping out these kids get a jumpstart on their new outlook on life. Sure he have them $10,000 outfits, but its not about how much money it costs or where you got it from, it matters how you present yourself.

It is important to praise those who are doing well academically and show them they are doing a good job, and to keep it up. Dwyane Wade honestly cares about those who are in need because he was one of them. He strives everyday to become a better persons, and with a role model like that, you can do anything! #boss


New Year’s Eve Style Tips! Welcome 2015 in Style

New Year’s Eve, the biggest night of the year. With the right outfit, you definitely won’t be alone at midnight. Be sure to make a statement with accent brights and tailoring for masculine charm.

Sure there are tuxedos, and then there are turtlenecks and patterns and, blue jeans, but gathered here are some surprising ideas, of-the-moment inspiration and plenty of champagne!

Style tip No. 1:

Jeans! Invest in some boot cut or or straight leg jeans. Dark denim can be dressed up with a blazer and a nice shirt, which is replacing black slacks as a closet staple.Lighter jeans are always more casual looking than darker ones, so if you do go light (or even distressed) with your denim, balance it out with a dark blazer and a (tucked-in) collared shirt.












Style tip No.2 :

The turtleneck is the best not-too-dressy, not-too-casual alternative to a collared shirt at your disposal. You should aim to go more dark, and layer a blazer over it. Remember though to never tuck it in!! Turtlenecks have returned to the world of men’s fashion and are a great item for New Year’s Eve, creating an instantly modern look that is so simple.

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Style tip No. 3:

A tuxedo is a must for those “black tie” New Year’s Eve parties. And, really, what is a tuxedo? It’s simply a suit with a satin lapel and satin stripe on the pants. Like any important suit, it should fit well, be comfortable since dancing is likely and be of a quality that lets you keep it for a long time. In a classic fit, you will never regret investing in a quality suit that you will enjoy it for many years, and it will easily stand up to the test of time.