Dwyane Wade is pretty awesome.

We know Dwyane Wade best as an incredibly talented basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat. But, what he just did did makes him way cooler than we thought he already was.

Dwyane took it upon himself to hook up 15 Florida foster kids from the Guardian ad Litem (a florida foster program from abused, neglected, and abandoned children) with new gear for prom.

Dwyane partnered with Hublot Watches to give the high school kids custom tailored suits and flashy watches. Wade stressed the importance of looking professional. He is also providing the services of his personal stylist and tailor for prom night as a reward for focusing on their academics.

It’s great for celebrities and talented people in the spotlight to give back to those in need and who strive for better lives. Dwyane Wade showed this by helping out these kids get a jumpstart on their new outlook on life. Sure he have them $10,000 outfits, but its not about how much money it costs or where you got it from, it matters how you present yourself.

It is important to praise those who are doing well academically and show them they are doing a good job, and to keep it up. Dwyane Wade honestly cares about those who are in need because he was one of them. He strives everyday to become a better persons, and with a role model like that, you can do anything! #boss


Top 5 classic Prom Themes

As prom is creeping up quickly behind us, it’s time to look at the top 5 most common prom themes.

Taken from About Style.com, they give us some of the most popular themes they have seen throughout prom history.

1) Under The Sea :

On a dancefloor filled with sparkling “oceans,” colorful fish, and other intricate underwater wonders, you might mistake your prom dress for a mermaid fin and start going by alter-ego Ariel.


2) Walk of Fame :

Debuting your gorgeous dress on a red carpet will make you feel like an A-list celebrity. Cover the floor with “walk of fame” stars featuring the names of the senior class. A red carpet will complete this Hollywood-inspired prom theme.


3) A Starry Night :

The classic romance of a celestial theme is a perennial prom favorite. Though this is an easy prom theme to pull off – simply decorate with loads of metallic stars and strands of twinkly lights – this romantic theme packs a glamorous punch. Are you sick of your date’s dance moves? Just wish upon a star.


4) Hawaiian Luau :

What prom outfit wouldn’t be improved with a bright, frilly lei? Add “palm trees” and tropical flower arrangements, then ask the DJ toss on a few luau-worthy tracks – so much fun to dance to in your prom night finery.


5) An Evening in Paris:

The City of Love is always popular for romantic prom themes. A faux Eiffel Tower might sound like quite an endeavor, but the effect is well worth it. Grab a few talented art student to paint the landmark, then finish off with scenic “trees” and romantic park benches.


Check out some prom inspiration boards on our Pinterest page!

Happy prom season!

Prom Tuxedo Rentals

SimpleTux Mobile Measurement Retail Shop on site at a High School for Prom Tuxedo Rentals
SimpleTux Mobile Measurement Shop onsite for Prom Online Tuxedo Rentals

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