Dwyane Wade is pretty awesome.

We know Dwyane Wade best as an incredibly talented basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat. But, what he just did did makes him way cooler than we thought he already was.

Dwyane took it upon himself to hook up 15 Florida foster kids from the Guardian ad Litem (a florida foster program from abused, neglected, and abandoned children) with new gear for prom.

Dwyane partnered with Hublot Watches to give the high school kids custom tailored suits and flashy watches. Wade stressed the importance of looking professional. He is also providing the services of his personal stylist and tailor for prom night as a reward for focusing on their academics.

It’s great for celebrities and talented people in the spotlight to give back to those in need and who strive for better lives. Dwyane Wade showed this by helping out these kids get a jumpstart on their new outlook on life. Sure he have them $10,000 outfits, but its not about how much money it costs or where you got it from, it matters how you present yourself.

It is important to praise those who are doing well academically and show them they are doing a good job, and to keep it up. Dwyane Wade honestly cares about those who are in need because he was one of them. He strives everyday to become a better persons, and with a role model like that, you can do anything! #boss


Top 5 classic Prom Themes

As prom is creeping up quickly behind us, it’s time to look at the top 5 most common prom themes.

Taken from About Style.com, they give us some of the most popular themes they have seen throughout prom history.

1) Under The Sea :

On a dancefloor filled with sparkling “oceans,” colorful fish, and other intricate underwater wonders, you might mistake your prom dress for a mermaid fin and start going by alter-ego Ariel.


2) Walk of Fame :

Debuting your gorgeous dress on a red carpet will make you feel like an A-list celebrity. Cover the floor with “walk of fame” stars featuring the names of the senior class. A red carpet will complete this Hollywood-inspired prom theme.


3) A Starry Night :

The classic romance of a celestial theme is a perennial prom favorite. Though this is an easy prom theme to pull off – simply decorate with loads of metallic stars and strands of twinkly lights – this romantic theme packs a glamorous punch. Are you sick of your date’s dance moves? Just wish upon a star.


4) Hawaiian Luau :

What prom outfit wouldn’t be improved with a bright, frilly lei? Add “palm trees” and tropical flower arrangements, then ask the DJ toss on a few luau-worthy tracks – so much fun to dance to in your prom night finery.


5) An Evening in Paris:

The City of Love is always popular for romantic prom themes. A faux Eiffel Tower might sound like quite an endeavor, but the effect is well worth it. Grab a few talented art student to paint the landmark, then finish off with scenic “trees” and romantic park benches.


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Happy prom season!

Your Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spurns all sorts of different reactions from females, and a lot of it depends on whether or not we’re single. Riding solo sucks, and not just because you don’t get a free dinner and chocolate. It’s a huge reminder that we’re still without a plus one. And the “fireworks in their eyes” couples smooching in corner booths everywhere aren’t helping. Valentine’s Day can actually be fun and something to look forward to, and it’s a friendly reminder that we’re not alone. Don’t be deceived by women who say they hate the day. Sure, it’s been blown out of proportion with all the card companies and heart-shaped chocolate boxes and that one movie with Ashton Kutcher, but there’s no woman on Earth who doesn’t like to be doted on.valentine-hearts-13

According to Men’s Health, here are 14 tips on how to impress your Valentine:

1.  Plan the Evening: Take some time to really think about what your date likes—and dislikes. Even if she drinks beer, dinner at the local sports bar probably isn’t quite the romantic scene she’s expecting. Whatever your plans, just remember to be punctual.

2. Get cleaned up: Show up with a greasy mane and at best, you can expect a handshake at the end of the date. Be sure you wash your hair to rid of product buildup and moisturize your scalp for flake-free style.

3. Shave

4. Ban Blemishes: To ensure you’re acne-free on Valentine’s Day, apply a solution containing a small amount of salicylic acid before your moisturizer. It’ll keep your pores clear without over-drying your skin.

5. Pucker up: Prep your puckers if you want more than a peck on the cheek. Not only are dry lips painful for you, but they’re just as terrible to look at for her.

6. Style your hair: tame fly aways with mousse or gel to show you care how your mane looks

7. Deodorize: don’t forget to apply deodorant!!! Don’t sweat it, you will do great!

8. Get rid of the dryness: no one likes ashy skin, so make sure to use a moisturizing cream to hydrate your skin.

9. Update your underwear: Never be caught in less-than-stellar underwear.

10. Keep it Sporty: Dark jeans and a white T-shirt are no brainers if you’re taking your date to a ball game, but you’ll stick out in a dining room. Upgrade your look to evening-appropriate attire with a sport coat

11. Button up: Wear a nice button up to show your classy and stylish

12. Stay light on your toes: wear comfortable shoes to ensure you are able to sweep her off her feet

13. Stick to the basics: leave you light washed denim at home and get a darker pair, it shows you are aware this is for your girl, not to watch the game.

14. Put a tie on it: show your date that you took the time and effort to pay attention to the details

Good luck to all, and have a great Valentines day. When in doubt, buy chocolate, lots of chocolate.

Men’s Fashion Week: An Overview 2015

They say Paris fashion week comes last on the European fashion calendar because it is the best. Fashion week shows us what we should be wearing in the upcoming year, and how to wear the certain clothes.Whether it be in Paris, London, or Milan,  this year we saw mostly dark suits, in different shapes, sizes, and textures. If anything is clear from Paris fashion week, it is that suits and trousers are loosening up now, though no dominant shape has yet emerged leaving editors and fans to sort through a mishmash of cuts and styles.

The tailoring is sharp indeed, with slim fit lines and a nod to many “vintage” cuts. Dolce&Gabbana sent suits out on the runway reminiscent of the dawn of the brand’s menswear in the nineties while Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Lauren showed skinny tailoring that could have been cut by the master himself. Miuccia Prada also revisited a very Prada-esque aesthetic with her menswear, steering clear of Hawaiian prints or gimmicky accessories.
The colour palette ranged from traditional autumnal hues like burgundy and green to cool winter white and the ever so chic camel, which just exacerbated the elegance and volume of the outerwear. Blues were the accent colours of this traditional palette with grey and black dominating the catwalks.

Overall, the highlights of the collections were aplenty and the fashion strong, defined and often very wearable.

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Award Season Style 2015

Awards season has started! Most of us just see these award shows as a way for our favorite celebrities to gather together and win awards. Well, the underlying meaning of awards shows in fashion is that it predicts the trends for the year. From bold colors and interesting fabrics, to glitter tuxes and funky sneakers, we can see the new year’s trends already in action.

Beards were out in force on the red carpet with numerous stars from Fifty Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan to Jared Leto, all sporting fuzzy faces, rather than the traditionally more formal clean shaven look. In terms of tailoring,  it was a rather mixed affair with ordinary tuxedos mingling with more statement suits.

George Clooney, Channing Tatum and Jake Gyllenhaal all went down the standard black tux route while others including Adrien Grenier and Matt Bomer tried a slightly different angle in navy versions. Justin Theroux eschewed a bow-tie in favour of a skinny black tie whilst Eddie Redmayne opted for a velvet version.

If you want to see more of the Golden Globes Red Carpet, head out our Pinterest page to look through the creme de la creme of our favorite celebrities. Here are some pictures of this years newest styles for men:

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals rs_634x1024-150111173506-634.Adrian-Grenier-Golden-Globes-Red-Carpet-011115

3 ‘Must Have’ Books of 2014

Books give us pleasure, of course, but they also help us frame what’s happening all around us at any given moment.  Reading these 3 books will give you a much fuller picture of what humans were dealing with in 2014.

As the year is at a near end, these are the top 3 books chosen by men for men to better understand ourselves but also the current world we are living in. According to Esquire.com and GQ.com, here are some new year’s resolution books to get you going in 2015!!





1. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. is not the kind of book you can give your heart to. It’s mean. Its main character is not likable even to himself. Very little happenes. However, it is a must read because Nathaniel P. is “unforgettable as a literary creation and the book’s shock of recognition is only muted by the discomfort it brings with it.” —Stephen Marche, Esquire.com




cover225x2252. We Are Not Ourselves,is Matthew Thomas’s exceptional first novel. “It doesn’t pile on, doesn’t harass the reader; rather, with profound compassion and understanding and at times majesty it painstakingly lays out the three seemingly unexceptional lives as they’re lived, in the end summoning the only truly universal verity governing life in America: You can be anything you want, but in the end you’ll always be yourself.” —Joe Keohane, Esquire.com


3. The Name Sake by Jhumpa Lahiri depicts what no other novel this century has done. That is, to so fully, meticulously described the life of a man, from birth to middle age, and all the choices and obsessions that guide him through it.


New Year’s Eve Style Tips! Welcome 2015 in Style

New Year’s Eve, the biggest night of the year. With the right outfit, you definitely won’t be alone at midnight. Be sure to make a statement with accent brights and tailoring for masculine charm.

Sure there are tuxedos, and then there are turtlenecks and patterns and, blue jeans, but gathered here are some surprising ideas, of-the-moment inspiration and plenty of champagne!

Style tip No. 1:

Jeans! Invest in some boot cut or or straight leg jeans. Dark denim can be dressed up with a blazer and a nice shirt, which is replacing black slacks as a closet staple.Lighter jeans are always more casual looking than darker ones, so if you do go light (or even distressed) with your denim, balance it out with a dark blazer and a (tucked-in) collared shirt.












Style tip No.2 :

The turtleneck is the best not-too-dressy, not-too-casual alternative to a collared shirt at your disposal. You should aim to go more dark, and layer a blazer over it. Remember though to never tuck it in!! Turtlenecks have returned to the world of men’s fashion and are a great item for New Year’s Eve, creating an instantly modern look that is so simple.

imageresize.ashx esq-06-party-style-0112-lg-39470716










Style tip No. 3:

A tuxedo is a must for those “black tie” New Year’s Eve parties. And, really, what is a tuxedo? It’s simply a suit with a satin lapel and satin stripe on the pants. Like any important suit, it should fit well, be comfortable since dancing is likely and be of a quality that lets you keep it for a long time. In a classic fit, you will never regret investing in a quality suit that you will enjoy it for many years, and it will easily stand up to the test of time.


How to Plan for a Winter Wedding

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to bear down for the winter ahead! While most of the US is already pulling out their winter coats and jackets.

If you think there’s no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow, then consider planning a winter wedding!

First think you have to do,  is choose your winter location. You may want to stay close to home or plan a destination wedding. Consider the ease of transportation for your guests, the availability of hotels and the elements you can use to create a more magical winter atmosphere.

Next, set your date. If you are having a small wedding near your home, you may be able to have the wedding near Christmas without many conflicts. A larger wedding may benefit from being scheduled around a long weekend.

You have to keep in mind many things though, such as the weather, comfort of your guests, and pricing. Many things go into planning nay wedding, but planning a winter wedding might be slightly more challenging due to the curveballs Mother Nature might throw at you!

For our groom and groomsmen ff course the easiest way to express personality and individuality is with colour and over the years we have started to see Grooms with pops of colour through socks, braces, ties and pockerchiefs. But this year we see grooms getting braver and bolder, with coloured suits, particularly jewel tones of deep blues, emeralds and purples.

Head over to www.simpltux.com to look at the perfect hues you might be thinking about wearing to your beautiful winter wedding!

3 Menswear Designers you have to Know!

Everyone loves finding new brands and styles. These five designers are innovating and shaping the way for the future of style. It is important to know who is who in this industry, and by giving you a little introduction into these designers, it will broaden your knowledge of menswear in fashion.

1. Umit Benan

Raised in Istanbul, Umit Benan wanted to be a filmmaker but turned to fashion, keeping the urge to tell and portray stories. After finishing school, Benan received opportunities with prestigious designers to help build his career.
In 2009, he launched his debut collection and won the noteworthy Who’s On Next/Uomo contest.
Umit Benan uses clothes to build personas, putting to good use multi-cultural life experiences accumulated in a chaotic city full of contrast.Freedom of expression is Benan’s goal in life and the reason he decided to become a fashion designer.
His garments show quintessential masculinity, sophistication, luxury and durability.

2. Alexandre Mattiussi

Born in 1980, attending prestigious fashion schools, and having a plan and goal, makes Alexandre Mattiussi a true designer.
Mattuisi’s line, called “Ami” translated into English means ‘friend’. Ami is a unique concept of ready to wear for men: a complete men’s wardrobe, well designed, easy, chic and above all, cool. “This collection is not about fantasy. It is a proposition of real clothes for a real man”, explains Mattuisi (BusinessofFashion.com). Ami is positioned at an affordable price point while offering high quality and sophisticated designs.

The clothes are made with Love, as indicated on the label. A modern, well thought-out collection of clothes and accessories to dress men from head to toe, with a healthy dose of French chic and charm, relaxed elegance mixed with a definite sense of ease, and authenticity.


3.Oskar Metsavaht

Oskar Metsavaht is the founder and creative director of Osklen, the Brazilian fashion brand. Although the brand began with a focus on sportswear, after ten years Metsavaht refocused the brand on the luxury segment.
He is the Founder of ‘E Institute’ (Instituto e), a nonprofit organization located in Rio de Janeiro, dedicated to the promotion of sustainable human development, which develops the e-fabrics project that, in partnership with companies, institutions and research centers, identifies fabrics and materials developed from social and environmental criteria (TheBusisnessofFashion.com).


Newest Up and Coming Bridal Designers

Although you may have not heard of them yet, these bridal designers will soon make their mark on the bridal scene. With talent and creativity to inspire any bride, these designers are a few examples of who is rising up in the industry.

Christos Costarellos
Already an established designer in Athens, Greece, Christos just launched his debut collection of wedding gowns. His dresses show off fine tailoring, intricate finishing details and couture techniques that have become the signature of his fashion house.

Samantha Sleeper
As an alumna of Parsons the New School for Design, Samantha Sleeper has made a name for herself by creating beautiful, detail-oriented pieces for women looking for designs that reflect their unique personalities. She creates pieces that are romantic and ladylike with an edgy, bohemian twist. In her debut collection, she experiments with color, classic silhouettes, weightless fabrics and lace to create dresses that are effortless, elegant and truly unique gowns that women can feel beautiful in.

Katie Fong
Up-and-coming eveningwear designer Katie Fong is the latest designer to join the bridal industry, and she’s already gaining celebrity fans for her ladylike styles that are perfect for weddings. Specializing in elegant formal separates and fresh silhouettes for brides, bridal parties and guests, Fong’s latest custom bridal service has us buzzing. We sat down with the designer in her New York City studio to discuss her start in the industry, her inspiration, and her unique design process (Brides.com).

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